Tuesday, September 22, 2009


In the article Woman Attacked By Bull Elk by Dan Boniface talks about a 47 year old woman, resident of Evergreen, that was attacked by a bull elk. The woman was leaving her home when she saw a herd of elk on her property. She immediately noticed the bull elk and began to feel nervous. She picked up her cell phone and called her husband. During the phone call, the elk attacked. Her husband rushed home and found his wife with moderate injuries from this attack.The Division of Wildlife reports elk attacks are extremely rare. It is mating season for the elk which could have been the cause for the attack. The elk probably felt threatened and was defending its territory. During mating season bull elk are very aggressive. People need to use caution this time of year when they see elk. People are advised to stay far away from these creatures and look from a far.

Sunday, September 20, 2009


The video A Vision Of Students Today by Micheal Wesch talks about today's technology and how it effects our life and our educational system. Almost 50 years ago the education system was criticized for its rigid structure and teaching methods. This resulted in the students lacking the ability to think for themselves and unprepared to handle the world's problems. Today, students have the benefit of technology. But has that technology improved their ability to think and resolve problems? It appears students are using today's technology for gains in their personal lives rather than learning. Students bring laptops to class but fail to use them to complete their class work. The average students spend more time on their cell phones and online than studying. As students we are unprepared for college and therefore not prepared for the future. If today's students don't learn how to problem solve and think with their minds then we will be stuck with the same problems for long time. If we teach our students to problem solve then the future will be a better place for everyone.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


In the article Two Bear Cubs Wait For Momma In Bolder Backyard Tree by Laure Snider talks about a female bear and her cubs finding there way into a urban neighborhood. The bears first were seen in a Boulder backyard, climbing a large cottonwood tree. The bears roamed around the area climbing into different trees. Since it was too dangerous to tranquilize the bears, local authorities could only hope that the bears would leave by themselves. This is a very dangerous problem to both the animals and humans because once bears start to visit the city, they realize that there is more food. Despite warnings, people will often leave food outside for the bears. When this happens the bears no longer fear humans and bear attacks are more likely to happen. Once a bear attacks, the bear must be euthanized. To ensure the safety of the people, we need to take these steps. First, we need to secure our garbage so the bears have nothing to eat. Next, we need to make it harder for the bears to enter the city. Last, if you see one of these animals in the city, keep all pets inside and call the authorities. The citizens of Boulder got lucky when the bear saw the humans, they ran away. The bears were still scared of humans. Since the first sighting, the bears have continued to be seen in and around the city. All citizens need to take away the need for the bears to come into the city. If we do these steps then we can enjoy our neighborhoods, and the bears can enjoy theirs.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


The Denver Post article First Equine-Rabies Diagnosed in El Paso County talks about the first horse to get rabies in Colorado in 25 years. It is believed the horse contracted the disease from a rabid skunk. So far this year there have been 6 confirmed cases of rabid skunks. El Paso County has not had a infected animal since 1970. This is a potenial problem to all domestic animals because once an animal is infected with rabies, it is fatal. The Colorado Health Department is concerned that rabies may be making a comeback in Colorado. Bats are the number 1 carrier of rabies in Colorado, with 60 confirmed cases a year. We need to watch our contact with wild animals. We can prevent rabies by getting our domestic animals vaccinated and to limit contact with wild animals as it is difficult to tell which animals have the disease. If the necessary steps are taken, we can ensure that our domestic and well loved animals will be safe from this deadly disease.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009


The video Did You Know by Carl Fish talks about how the world is evolving into a more modernized place.The video Machines Are Using Us by Micheal Wesch talks about something a very similar concept.Machines Are Using Us talks about how the typing and using the computer is easier than bocks and writing. Both of these video express two very good points. The world is changing and so is technology. If we use this technology then we will be prepared for the future. We can be prepared for the future by using the technology we have now.If we do this then we can all have successful futures.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009


The video "Machines Are Using Us" by Micheal Wesch talks about the more computerized world. The world is constantly trying to become more modernized. The video compares typing words to writing them.Using the computer makes researching and browsing and writing allot more faster and easier.I think this video showing a very important concept. The worlds technology is advancing and with that we have to be prepared for it. We can do this by using computers more and more.If we do then we can become part of the future.

Thursday, September 3, 2009


In the article Coming To a Classroom Near You by Admin it talks about showing cartoons in the class room. The article tells about Admins trip to a elementary school that embraced the pricipal. In public schools you cant show the video without consent of the publisher. I think that is a dumb rule because they make movies for people to view, and students should get a brake sometimes. At the end of the article the principal apologized and talked to the teacher.