Sunday, January 31, 2010


The article "Last 2 of 9 Crips Sentenced for Holly Fire", talks about the last two sentences of the men that burned down Holly Shopping Center. The incident happened in May 2008 after a fight over territory with the rival gang Bloods. All of the men were reportedly belonging to the Crips Gang. The men that participated in the crime were sentenced with 10 years in prison or a 1.98 million restitution payment. This is well forgotten reminder that you cannot go anywhere with out the influence of gangs. Incidents like this can lead to gang wars and that's when fatalities occur. With this, many people wonder about their safety in public and how well safety officials are doing their jobs. Examples of this is are police and gang units doing a good enough job on cracking down on gang activity. Fortunately, no one was hurt in this accident but there was about 2 million dollars in damage. Shopping centers are popular places for Americans to hang out, but have all the necessary steps been taken in order to protect the community.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010


The article Health care: Patients Perspective, compares the situations of both American and European families. This article tells the story of Megan, a five year old girl from Virginia who suffers from asthma. The story also talks about Alex, a nine year old boy from Lithuania. Megan's dad is currently a being provided with health insurance through his work," A lot of her expenses aren't planned expenses, I mean there are times when she does have to go to the hospital that we have to worry about were that's going to come from." This is a another American family that is provided with health care and is still struggling to cover the medical bills. On one hand Alex doesn't have to worry about health care because in Lithuania health care is is free at the point of use and is paid through taxation. Patients are often treated with medicine prior to becoming ill. It becomes clear that the U.S has some major health care issues. If Megan's dad was not provided with health insurance through work than Megan would not get the treatment that is necessary for asthma patients to receive. Alex on the other hand would be provided with the medicine for free and immediately.

Sunday, January 24, 2010


The blog " Dr. Warschauer Visits East and Hopkins" by Dan Mass, discusses the question are computers a waste of time and money for schools. I am currently a Freshmen at Arapahoe High School, and presently taking an all laptop English class. In this class, laptop computers are provided and used on a daily basis. Computers are not a waste of time and money. When schools have computers, it provides students the opportunity to access computers when that luxury cannot be afforded at home. The future requires us to use computers more and more. If we cannot learn with tools we will need later in life, we will fall behind. Computers also eliminate the need for books and hard copies of information. Instead of carrying a backpack full of notebooks and other academic supplies, we can store and carry all of our information and documents on a laptop. This is an more efficient method of researching and exploring. In conclusion, computers are going to be around for a while so we need to keep spending money on computers in order to teach kids to use them properly.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

PLN 2 sem 2

The article RTD Bus Runs Light, Hits 3 Cars, tells the story of a RTD bus that ran a red light causing a three car pileup. The accident occurred around 2:00pm today. Lakewood police reported that the bus ran a red light at the corner of Sheridan Blvd and Florida Ave, hitting a truck and a minivan. Upon impact the bus collided with a oncoming Toyota car. When questioned by police, the bus driver stated that the cause of the accident was a brake malfunction. This accident brings to light the public safety concern with public transportation. Examples of this are drivers that are under the influence of alcohol and drugs, as wells as, poor maintenance of vehicles. Fortunately no one was seriously injured in this accident. With the rising cost of fuel public transportation will become a necessity, but have all necessary steps been taken to insure the public safety.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Blog 1

As iv gotten older the Internet has changed the way I think by making it easier to research any kind of information. In the beginning, the Internet was a luxury for most housholds. The Internet has gone from a simple search tool to a daily necessity used in schools, businesses, and homes. One feature that has helped the Internet get to this point is its ability to give researchers a broad range of information, as well as its ability to narrow down search categories. Today, I can go to the Internet and search for anything at the click of a mouse. This removes the need for books and hard copies. The speed of wich you can access information has also improved. One down side to the Internet is that, although there are many options for sites not all of them are valid. One thing is for sure, the Internet is changing the way I think by having all the world's information at my finger tips.