Sunday, December 6, 2009


The article "5 Boulder Students OD on Prescription Drugs" talks the growing problem with high school students bringing their parents' persciption drugs to school. Last Wednesday, a female student at Justice High School brought her mother's pain medication to share with a friend. As more students learned about the availability of the pain medication,more students became involved. Authorities were notified when officials at the high school learned that 5 students had possibly overdosed and were throwing up. All 5 students were taken to Boulder Community Hospital and released to their parents later that afternoon. All of the students were expected to make full recoveries.This quandary continues to demonstrates the continuing problem of presciption drugs abuse in our schools. With police cracking down on illegal drugs such as, marijuana and cocaine, students are turning to their parents' medicine cabinets. Students know they do not have to get marijuana or any other illegal drugs in order to get high. Parents need to prevent the availability of their presciption drugs at home. Justice High School offers a program called At Risk Youth. This program is designed to help kids deal with addictions and alienation problems. Schools everywhere should have programs like this in place, so at risk teenagers have another resource for help. Also it just might prevent situations things like the one at Justice High School from happening. Next time the students may not be so lucky.

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