Tuesday, May 11, 2010


The article " Bears are out of hibernation in the Vail Area" by the Associated Press, talks about the bears in the Eagle County area are know waking up from hibernation. Many questions are raised to if the bears will have enough food an or it there will be allot of beat run-ins. Bear run-ins are only common when people give the bears a chance at free food. If people eliminate the need for bears to break into homes and trash bins, then less confrontations occur. This time of year bears are trying to eat everything. They will often wonder into the city and go through trash and break into homes. Local officials warn people to lock there houses and not put trash put until the day it is to be picked up. If these precautions are put into place then both bears and humans can live in peace.


Sunday, May 9, 2010


The article "2txt? Or Nt 2txt" by Garrison Keillor, talks about how guys are losing there social skills due to texting and email. The article also states that girls social skills are still thriving with the assistance of email an texting. The reason for this is that girls bring a more warmth and friendly feeling to conversations, while boys are more standoffish. I do not think that this is true because I find have no problems talking to people in person. Being an avid texter I should know.

Today's society depends on verbal communication and to succeed in this world you need to exercise conversations with others. If boys lose their social skills then they will become less attentive in school and that will lead to more boys failing.

This article matters to education because although school is becoming more electronic, you still need good social skills in order to thrive. This article also matters to society because without social skills you cannot meet and have good relationships with people. This is a national problem because other countries do not have the same problem.

The human race has always relied on social interaction and will continue to do so for many years to come. Since we have a while before talking in person will no longer be necessary, men should try putting down the phone and chat to someone in person.



The article "Our Boys Are Falling Behind in Education" by Dottie Lamm, talks about the uprising problem of boys preforming badly in school. The article states that female minds grow verbally faster than boys. They tested this theory in an Aurora school. They separated kindergarten classes into separate gender classes. Both classes preformed equally.Many questions were raised as to if females minds growing faster than males was the cause. I am in a single gender class and I do feel that I do better in that class. I feel that I can be more relaxed and focus more in that class. I feel that the reason why more girls are academically successful is the lack of interest boys illustrate in school. Girl s tend to listen and interact allot more than boys. Another reason is is the boys lack of responding to authority. The article also stated that girls will someday will yield more powerful positions in society. I agree with this because, today women are expanding their horizons and trying to do more things. If women do better than men in school, then I think we could see a more women ran world in the future.

Sunday, April 25, 2010


The article "4th-Graders, Staffer Disciplined Boy Forced into Hole" by Sue McMillin, talks about a incident that occurred in Colorado Springs at Endeavor Elementary School. Three 4th grade boys allegedly forced a boy into a hole and then kicked dirt on him. This article illustrates a very disturbing problem. That problem is bullying. Bullying matters because it is serious and the outcome can be fatal. Many people believe that bullying is serious and should result in serious consequences. This is not a national or world problem but is definitely a school problem. Luckily no one was hurt in this incident.

Monday, April 19, 2010


The article " Starbucks Guns Policy Draws Protesters in Denver" by Yesenia Robles, talks about the current battle for a new gun policy in Denver. Starbucks is a shop that allows guns inside the store. Denver protesters are trying to get a no gun policy for this and many other stores. This battle is pointless and unconstitutional because it is a persons right to open carry. Many people believe that it is a danger when people carry guns. Guns do not kill people, people kill people. Many use the accidents like Columbine too illustrate the point that guns are dangerous. When accidents like this happen people are behind it. This article matters to the nation because its a battle against the Constitution. This article also matters to me because my family is big hunters and fishers and when things like this happen it puts a bad name on outdoorsmen. Overall the open carry law should stay in affect so that people have the same rights as always.


Tuesday, April 13, 2010


The article "Niwot High Evacuated in Asbestos Scare" by Monte Whaley, talks about an incident at Niwot High School. The incident happened yesterday when work crews discovered what might have been asbestos in a locker. Students were later evacuated from the school. When things like this happen many people spend more time thinking about if schools are going to the right measures when searching lockers. Normally when schools search lockers they look for drugs and alcohol but after this the searches will hopefully be also focused on things like this. This article matters to school because this incident could have turned out deadly.This matter also matters to society because it opens our eyes about problems like this.Luckily no one was hurt during this but next time it might not turn out so fortunate.


Sunday, April 11, 2010


The article "Weld County SUV Rollover Kills Seven" by Howard Pankratz, tells the story of a morning car accident on U.S. 85. Earlier this morning an Acura SUV lost control and rolled. The cause has not been identified yet. This article matters to the community because many accidents like this happen because of phones. People especially teenagers, text and call while driving. When this happens people end up hurt and the consequences aren't good. This article also matters to me because about 4 years ago my mom was involved in a rollover accident that nearly took her life. Luckily she was okay and so were the people involved in this one were too.


Tuesday, April 6, 2010


The article "David Stern's Steroid Testimony" by ESPN, talks about the new rules and punishments of steroid use in the NBA. These rules and punishments will be put into affect on June 30th. This will make it so steroid users would get 3 warning before being punished. At the first warning players must sit out 10 games out of an 82 game season. A second offense would result in the player having to miss 25 games. Last, a third offense would result in the player being disqualified from the NBA. Many people think that the use of steroids is immoral and cheap. I agree with the people that share that opinion. These rules are helping to prevent an uprising problem. Although we can't do anything about steroid use in the world, for example the Olympics. We can stop the use of it in our country. If this immoral quagmire is not addressed then more high school students will be influenced by the pros and become users. The use of steroids should be handled in such way as drunk driving and narcotics. If it is then it would help getting rid of steroids for good.


Wednesday, March 31, 2010


The article "Tennessee Truck Driver Leaves Path of Destruction in Longmont" by Vanessa Miller, talks about a truck driver who is believed to have destroyed a neighborhood while driving intoxicated. David Kent allegedly drove is delivery truck through a unique Longmont neighborhood on Saturday, uprooting trees and destroying fences and light poles. He was supposed to be delivering doors from his company in Tennessee to Broomfield. When police confronted him it was obvious that he was high . David Kent was later taken to the hospital after showing signs of mental illness. Driving high, while not as a big problem as driving drunk is still just as dangerous. Many teens throughout the U.S. are caught doing it. It is obviously a problem here in Colorado and can be stopped if more attention is focused on it. This is not yet a local problem but has the potential to become one. Luckily no one was hurt in the incident, but next time it might not turn out as fortunate.


Thursday, March 18, 2010


In our English 9 class laptops are a every day necessity. Using personal computers in class cut down on the need to use paper based materials. Laptops allow me to easily access information on any topic. Using laptops also make any class more interesting and lets students engage in more conversations. Laptops are also a very good organization tool. They eliminate the need for messy binders and backpacks. Advantages like this will have an huge impact on student's grade. Laptops allow me to access my work in class and c always be pretty reliable opposed to backpack. Last, laptops make your work accessible to everyone so instead of just the teacher reviewing your work, you can receive more feedback on your work.


Sunday, March 14, 2010

PLN 17

The article " Bear Poacher Goes to Prison" tells the story of Craig Archer who ilegally killed a black bear last year. Police said that a niehbor called the them and said that they had noticed a blood trail around Archer's house. When police later investigated the home they found the dead bear. Police also found marijuana. When poaching occurs, an animal is killed ilegally. Most poaching is done out of season which makes it illagal. a lot of huntng communities have these problems.This is also a natiobnal problem. This is also a world wide problem because in Africa and India poachers are killing tigers and elephants for their hide and tusks. In conclusion, this problem is a reaocurriong example of how cruel some poeople are, and the neverending battle between poachers and animal supporters.


Sunday, March 7, 2010


The article "Young Bear Rescued in Aspen" by the Denver Post, shares the story of a young black bear that was found on the back side of Aspen Mountain. The bear was proven to be dangerously underweight, weighing just over a third of what he should weigh. A woman brought in the bear to the Aspen Animal Shelter according to ReRe Baker, animal safety officer for Pitkin County.The bear was later taken to the DOW office in Glenwood Springs. This situation matters to wildlife workers because this is the second case of malnourished animals. The other case was about a mountain lion who broke into a house and killed a dog for food. When the animals are malnourished they start to come into contact with humans. This situation also matters to me because ReRe Baker is my aunt. Last this in not yet a world problem but is a community one. Luckily for the bear this situation turned out happy.


Wednesday, February 24, 2010


The article "Deer Creek Suspect Held On $1 Million Dollar Bond" by Howard Pankratz, talks about the Deer Creek Middle School shooting suspect and his sentencing. Tuesday at approximately 3:00, Bruco Eastwood entered Deer Creek Middle School and started shooting. He ended up shooting two eighth graders. One is currently still in the hospital, and the other is doing fine. This matters to community because schools everywhere are trying to crack down on security and make sure that their students are safe. This is not yet a world problem but with all if the others school shootings in the country, it could become a national problem. The victims of this accident were very fortunate in the fact that only 1 person was seriously hurt. Next time is may not turn out so good.


Monday, February 22, 2010


The article "Lafyette Cops Track Teen Car Burglars in Snow" By the Denver Post, tells the story of two 13 year old boys who went on a 77 car robbery spree. The teens began stealing from cars in Lafyette county last week. Police believe that the teens robbed at least 77 cars, and it could be more. On Saturday police followed a trail through the snow that led them to the loot. When people here this story, rumors spread about teenagers. People everywhere are caught on stereotypes about teenagers. examples of this is that teens are very poor drivers. With stereotypes like this comes allot of concerns from teens. Laws like curfews are a result of teens acting stupid. This will eventually thing like this will eventually lead to national laws, and maybe even world laws.


Tuesday, February 16, 2010


The article "Arvada Fire Damages Home, Kills Pets" by the Denver Post, talks about a call that the Arvada fire department responded to today. The event occured at aproximetly 1 p.m. at the house of 8042 Lee Court. The fire was not servere but, did cause some damage. The unfortunate ending of this story is that 2 dogs and a cat died in the blaze. Although the incident had an unforunate ending, it illustrates the quick resonses of our firemen. The Arvada fire dept. resonded to the call at 1 and had the fire out a 1:25. For many people they brings a breath of relief. They no the if this domestic problem happens the fire department will resond right away. This also lets facilities like schools and buisness relax because they are in good hands. With aresen becoming more of an issue fire departments have obviously have cracked down in order to elimanate this quandary

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


The blog "Digital Ethnography" by Dr. Wesch, talks about a special group of students that are currently attending Kansas State University. The group is called the K-state Proud Committee, and they provide financial help and support for students attending K-state. The videos show the committee doing numerous good deeds,like parking cars and helping pay for materials. An example of this is a girl that went to K-state in 2003. She had to go through some tough times growing up and if it wasn't for the K-state Proud Committee she would not be living the way she does now. This article shows the care and devotion that these students have for there school. It also shows the community and how much they are willing to help. Hopefully in the future more schools will accept programs like these, and more kids will be able to afford college.


Tuesday, February 9, 2010


The article "Suspected Drunken Driver Injures Denver Cop" by Howard Pankratz, tells the story of a suspected drunken driver who plowed there way a DUI check on Sunday night. The officer had pulled over a car to preform a sobriety test when he noticed a speeding silver car. The failed to stop and came right at the officer and the citizen who was preforming the test. The officer pushed the citizens out of the way while trying to avoid being hit. The citizen was not hit but the car collided with the police car, the citizens car and injured the officers leg. The officer was taken to the hospital and was later released. This story matters because there are hundreds of accidents a year that are caused by drunk driving. Communities everywhere are cracking down on drunk drivers in order to protect there citizens. Programs like Alive At 25 also teach students about drunk driving and the dangers in doing it. Although this is not a world problem yet, it is definitely a nation wide problem that needs to be fixed. This is an easy problem to fix because the solution is responsible adults. This situation was a miracle thanks to the heroic actions of the officer. Next time it might not turn out so fortunate


Monday, February 8, 2010


The article " CSU Student Killed on Tracks May Have Been Train-hopping" by Howard Pankratz, tells the story of Devon Arnold a 22 year old student from CSU. Devon was found dead along some railroad tracks outside Keenesburg.He first disappeared after attending a Nuggets game. Devon was heavily intoxicated and was asked to leave the Pepsi Center. It was later that he came up dead. Police report that with the nearby railroad yards Devon most likely attempted to jump a train and failed, causing his death. This effects family and students everywhere because all will have to cope with the loss of a friend. It is also impacts society with the new precautions that will come after this. Though it's not a world problem, it is currently a community problem. This is a tragic and heart throbbing accident but thanks to this, new precautions can be in place so that no one else has to go through losing someone.


Tuesday, February 2, 2010


The article "Teen Killed in Crash with School Bus in Greeley" by Howard Pankratz, talks about a car accident involving a Greeley school bus and 4 Northridge High school students. The accident occurred at about 7:45 this mourning. The accident involved Karla Mondoza-Gnzalez, her three friends,and 12 students that were riding in the school bus. Reporters say that the car that the car was trying to turn left when the bus broadsided them. A result in this was Karla's death and her three friends were injured. Fortunately no one in the bus was hurt. This awakes many concerns of parents who's kids ride school buses to school everyday. Is public education transportation safe? With this incident, people question whether the students and the community are safe. The reason for the accident is unknown, but being investigated. Although this is not a worldwide problem, this is definitely a local dilemma This accident is really special in the fact that only one person died. Next time it might not turn out so propitious.

Sunday, January 31, 2010


The article "Last 2 of 9 Crips Sentenced for Holly Fire", talks about the last two sentences of the men that burned down Holly Shopping Center. The incident happened in May 2008 after a fight over territory with the rival gang Bloods. All of the men were reportedly belonging to the Crips Gang. The men that participated in the crime were sentenced with 10 years in prison or a 1.98 million restitution payment. This is well forgotten reminder that you cannot go anywhere with out the influence of gangs. Incidents like this can lead to gang wars and that's when fatalities occur. With this, many people wonder about their safety in public and how well safety officials are doing their jobs. Examples of this is are police and gang units doing a good enough job on cracking down on gang activity. Fortunately, no one was hurt in this accident but there was about 2 million dollars in damage. Shopping centers are popular places for Americans to hang out, but have all the necessary steps been taken in order to protect the community.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010


The article Health care: Patients Perspective, compares the situations of both American and European families. This article tells the story of Megan, a five year old girl from Virginia who suffers from asthma. The story also talks about Alex, a nine year old boy from Lithuania. Megan's dad is currently a being provided with health insurance through his work," A lot of her expenses aren't planned expenses, I mean there are times when she does have to go to the hospital that we have to worry about were that's going to come from." This is a another American family that is provided with health care and is still struggling to cover the medical bills. On one hand Alex doesn't have to worry about health care because in Lithuania health care is is free at the point of use and is paid through taxation. Patients are often treated with medicine prior to becoming ill. It becomes clear that the U.S has some major health care issues. If Megan's dad was not provided with health insurance through work than Megan would not get the treatment that is necessary for asthma patients to receive. Alex on the other hand would be provided with the medicine for free and immediately.


Sunday, January 24, 2010


The blog " Dr. Warschauer Visits East and Hopkins" by Dan Mass, discusses the question are computers a waste of time and money for schools. I am currently a Freshmen at Arapahoe High School, and presently taking an all laptop English class. In this class, laptop computers are provided and used on a daily basis. Computers are not a waste of time and money. When schools have computers, it provides students the opportunity to access computers when that luxury cannot be afforded at home. The future requires us to use computers more and more. If we cannot learn with tools we will need later in life, we will fall behind. Computers also eliminate the need for books and hard copies of information. Instead of carrying a backpack full of notebooks and other academic supplies, we can store and carry all of our information and documents on a laptop. This is an more efficient method of researching and exploring. In conclusion, computers are going to be around for a while so we need to keep spending money on computers in order to teach kids to use them properly.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

PLN 2 sem 2

The article RTD Bus Runs Light, Hits 3 Cars, tells the story of a RTD bus that ran a red light causing a three car pileup. The accident occurred around 2:00pm today. Lakewood police reported that the bus ran a red light at the corner of Sheridan Blvd and Florida Ave, hitting a truck and a minivan. Upon impact the bus collided with a oncoming Toyota car. When questioned by police, the bus driver stated that the cause of the accident was a brake malfunction. This accident brings to light the public safety concern with public transportation. Examples of this are drivers that are under the influence of alcohol and drugs, as wells as, poor maintenance of vehicles. Fortunately no one was seriously injured in this accident. With the rising cost of fuel public transportation will become a necessity, but have all necessary steps been taken to insure the public safety.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Blog 1

As iv gotten older the Internet has changed the way I think by making it easier to research any kind of information. In the beginning, the Internet was a luxury for most housholds. The Internet has gone from a simple search tool to a daily necessity used in schools, businesses, and homes. One feature that has helped the Internet get to this point is its ability to give researchers a broad range of information, as well as its ability to narrow down search categories. Today, I can go to the Internet and search for anything at the click of a mouse. This removes the need for books and hard copies. The speed of wich you can access information has also improved. One down side to the Internet is that, although there are many options for sites not all of them are valid. One thing is for sure, the Internet is changing the way I think by having all the world's information at my finger tips.