Sunday, November 29, 2009


The article "Six Teens Hurt in Crash Near Rifle", talks about 6 teenagers speeding on I-70 when the driver, Juan Moreno-Zavala, age 17, lost control of the car, went through a deer fence and became air born. Two of the passengers ages 15 and 16 were able to go home with minor injuries, but the other 4 passengers were airlifted to St. Mary's Hospital in Grand Junction. Police believe the only two people wearing their seat belts were the 16 and 15 yr olds. As tragic as this was, I was not surprise to learn the passengers wearing their seat belts were able to walk away from the accident. Two years ago, a women under the influence of drugs, ran a red light, broadsiding my mom's explorer. Her Explorer rolled once, coming to rest on the adjacent sidewalk. My mom suffered minor injuries as was able to come home from the hospital later that night because she was wearing her seat belt. This story is another reminder of how important wearing a seat belt is.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009


The article "Balloon Boy Hoax Parents Plead Guilty", tells the story of the Heene family, AKA, the balloon boy's family, who set up the balloon boy hoax. On Oct. 15 the family called 911, alleging that their 6 year old son, Falcon, was on board their weather balloon which had accidentally taken off from their backyard. Police, Nationak Guard, and other rescue units tracked the weather balloon along Eastern Colorado. Authorities went as far as to delay flights departing from DIA, fearing the balloon could interfere with the flight of an arline. Both local and national news stations interupted normalafternoon TV shows to show live coverage of the drama. Once the weather balloon finally landed and Falcon was not in it,thoughts of concern changed to fear over the possibility of the little boy had fallen out of the balloon during flight. It was later discovered that this sensation story was a hoax masterminded by the Heene's as a ploy to get media attention eventually leading to a reality show for the family. On Dec. 23 it both parents will be sentenced to the consequences of the crime. Both parents face the possibilty of jail time. The Heene's will also be ordered to pay for the costs incurred by authorites during the hoax. This story had all Americans glued to there TV, praying for Falcon's safe return. The Heene's attorney, David Lane,stated that the strictness of the charges reflected the anger of all Americans when they learned the story was a hoax. Overall this was a socially inappropriate act involving authorities from FAA to the local sheriff's department and it never should of happened. Leading the public to believe a child's life was in danger crossed the line of common decency. It also demonstrated how far people will go just to get attention and their spotlight on TV.

Sunday, November 15, 2009


The article Lit Cigarette Sparked Centennial House Fire tells the story of a family who's home was damaged during a fire on Wednesday. The family was having their home worked on by contractors when one of the workers did not properly distinquish his lit cigarette. The worker threw his cigarette in the rain gutter. Later, a gust of wind carried the lit cigerette up to the shake shingle roof. Most of the roof and attic were destroyed, as the fire fighters had to tear down dry wall in order to distinquished the fire. Fire fighters believe it will cost $115,000 in order to repair the fire damage, and take months before the family can safely move back into their home. For now, the Red Cross has found the family of five and their two dogs temporary housing. This is just another cruel example of how cigarettes can be extremely dangerous, especially if not distinguished in the right manner. This is only one of many fires caused by cigarettes every year in Colorado.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009


The article "Put Forth our Best Writing Selves" By Douglas Hesse, discusses the point that today's people are writing more than ever, but we need to start writing about more serous topics so we can show our best writing selves.

Thursday, November 5, 2009


The article Rigor Redefined Tony Wagner talks about his journey trying to find what business look for when they hire employees. He explained that today's students need to know seven crucial survival rules. First the students need to now how to problem solve. That way they can make solve there companies problems and improve its products. A student should always be able to ask good and appropriate questions. Next Mr. Wagner said that students need leadership and team work skills. The CEO of Siemens told us that teamwork is no longer about working well with the people in your building, but works well with every one across the world. Next Mr. Wagner explained that students need is adaptability. He explained that allot of today's jobs will not exist in the future so students need to be able to adapt to the newer jobs. The next skill is the skill is initiative entrepanuearism. This means that you always try to fix the problem, even though it might be very difficult. Next h said that students need to be good communicators both orally and by writing. This sates that students need to be able to communicate the information that the get. Students should also be able to analyze the information. Now days employees need to be able to manage and process allot information, so this skill is critical to jobs in the future. The last step is for students to be creative and use there imagination. People who learn to ask good appropriate questions have succeeded in today's society. Schools every wear are trying to teach these steps. In order to make our future great, students need to be able to grasp and excel at these steps. Students with these skills will be successful in the future.

Sunday, November 1, 2009


The article Boulder High Schoolers Mix it Up over Marijuana Deal Gone Bad tells the story of some Boulder High School students attempting to make a deal to sell marijuana. It started on Saturday when the dealers arranged to meet the students in the parking lot of Monarch High School. During the drug deal, the dealers put one of the students in a choke hold demanding money. The dealer released his choke hold once he received the money from the students. On the following Tuesday at the high school, the students who purchased the marijuana confronted the dealers demanding their money back or they would go to the police. This lead to a physical fight breaking out between the two groups. The Louisville police and Sheriff deputies responded. After the police investigation, the dealers were charged with 2nd Degree Kidnapping, Robbery and 3rd Degree Assault. If this inst an example of why you should say no to drugs that I don't know what is. These people put themselves in harms way just to get high. That's the stupidity of some people.