Wednesday, February 24, 2010


The article "Deer Creek Suspect Held On $1 Million Dollar Bond" by Howard Pankratz, talks about the Deer Creek Middle School shooting suspect and his sentencing. Tuesday at approximately 3:00, Bruco Eastwood entered Deer Creek Middle School and started shooting. He ended up shooting two eighth graders. One is currently still in the hospital, and the other is doing fine. This matters to community because schools everywhere are trying to crack down on security and make sure that their students are safe. This is not yet a world problem but with all if the others school shootings in the country, it could become a national problem. The victims of this accident were very fortunate in the fact that only 1 person was seriously hurt. Next time is may not turn out so good.

Monday, February 22, 2010


The article "Lafyette Cops Track Teen Car Burglars in Snow" By the Denver Post, tells the story of two 13 year old boys who went on a 77 car robbery spree. The teens began stealing from cars in Lafyette county last week. Police believe that the teens robbed at least 77 cars, and it could be more. On Saturday police followed a trail through the snow that led them to the loot. When people here this story, rumors spread about teenagers. People everywhere are caught on stereotypes about teenagers. examples of this is that teens are very poor drivers. With stereotypes like this comes allot of concerns from teens. Laws like curfews are a result of teens acting stupid. This will eventually thing like this will eventually lead to national laws, and maybe even world laws.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


The article "Arvada Fire Damages Home, Kills Pets" by the Denver Post, talks about a call that the Arvada fire department responded to today. The event occured at aproximetly 1 p.m. at the house of 8042 Lee Court. The fire was not servere but, did cause some damage. The unfortunate ending of this story is that 2 dogs and a cat died in the blaze. Although the incident had an unforunate ending, it illustrates the quick resonses of our firemen. The Arvada fire dept. resonded to the call at 1 and had the fire out a 1:25. For many people they brings a breath of relief. They no the if this domestic problem happens the fire department will resond right away. This also lets facilities like schools and buisness relax because they are in good hands. With aresen becoming more of an issue fire departments have obviously have cracked down in order to elimanate this quandary

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


The blog "Digital Ethnography" by Dr. Wesch, talks about a special group of students that are currently attending Kansas State University. The group is called the K-state Proud Committee, and they provide financial help and support for students attending K-state. The videos show the committee doing numerous good deeds,like parking cars and helping pay for materials. An example of this is a girl that went to K-state in 2003. She had to go through some tough times growing up and if it wasn't for the K-state Proud Committee she would not be living the way she does now. This article shows the care and devotion that these students have for there school. It also shows the community and how much they are willing to help. Hopefully in the future more schools will accept programs like these, and more kids will be able to afford college.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010


The article "Suspected Drunken Driver Injures Denver Cop" by Howard Pankratz, tells the story of a suspected drunken driver who plowed there way a DUI check on Sunday night. The officer had pulled over a car to preform a sobriety test when he noticed a speeding silver car. The failed to stop and came right at the officer and the citizen who was preforming the test. The officer pushed the citizens out of the way while trying to avoid being hit. The citizen was not hit but the car collided with the police car, the citizens car and injured the officers leg. The officer was taken to the hospital and was later released. This story matters because there are hundreds of accidents a year that are caused by drunk driving. Communities everywhere are cracking down on drunk drivers in order to protect there citizens. Programs like Alive At 25 also teach students about drunk driving and the dangers in doing it. Although this is not a world problem yet, it is definitely a nation wide problem that needs to be fixed. This is an easy problem to fix because the solution is responsible adults. This situation was a miracle thanks to the heroic actions of the officer. Next time it might not turn out so fortunate

Monday, February 8, 2010


The article " CSU Student Killed on Tracks May Have Been Train-hopping" by Howard Pankratz, tells the story of Devon Arnold a 22 year old student from CSU. Devon was found dead along some railroad tracks outside Keenesburg.He first disappeared after attending a Nuggets game. Devon was heavily intoxicated and was asked to leave the Pepsi Center. It was later that he came up dead. Police report that with the nearby railroad yards Devon most likely attempted to jump a train and failed, causing his death. This effects family and students everywhere because all will have to cope with the loss of a friend. It is also impacts society with the new precautions that will come after this. Though it's not a world problem, it is currently a community problem. This is a tragic and heart throbbing accident but thanks to this, new precautions can be in place so that no one else has to go through losing someone.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


The article "Teen Killed in Crash with School Bus in Greeley" by Howard Pankratz, talks about a car accident involving a Greeley school bus and 4 Northridge High school students. The accident occurred at about 7:45 this mourning. The accident involved Karla Mondoza-Gnzalez, her three friends,and 12 students that were riding in the school bus. Reporters say that the car that the car was trying to turn left when the bus broadsided them. A result in this was Karla's death and her three friends were injured. Fortunately no one in the bus was hurt. This awakes many concerns of parents who's kids ride school buses to school everyday. Is public education transportation safe? With this incident, people question whether the students and the community are safe. The reason for the accident is unknown, but being investigated. Although this is not a worldwide problem, this is definitely a local dilemma This accident is really special in the fact that only one person died. Next time it might not turn out so propitious.