Tuesday, October 27, 2009


The article Hungary Dog Finds Hunters tells the story of 3 hunters that were elk hunting in White River National Forest and how they found a mother dog and her 6 pups. The hunters were eating dinner when they heard a dog barking. They assumed it was just some other hunters with dogs. Later that night the dog came into there camp sight looking for food. They gave her some food and then she ran back into the woods. Since they were a long way form any homes and roads they thought that the dog was abandoned. The mother dog returned to the camp the next night. They followed her into the woods where she lead them to her den. Inside the den was 6 puppies. The hunters immediately took the dogs home. They later found out that they saved the dogs just in time. While the puppies were healthy the mother dog aka Remi was starved and very dehydrated. Since the mother dog was found in the wild they cannot determine if it was abandoned or if it was born a stray. This story shows us that anything can happen and that even in this world today there are still animals that are in neglect.

Sunday, October 25, 2009


The article Teen Arrested in Weld Shooting After Dispute Over Pit bull discuss a confrontation between neighbors on a Weld County property. It started when the pit bull owned by Botello Gonzalez started harassing neighbor's cows and chickens. Tensions simmered between the neighbors until the shooting happened at 9:30 last night. It resulted in a dead man and a wounded woman. This incident posts a problem to the Colorado community because pit bulls are illegal in most of the state. The fact that it was the type of breed that committed this act, there will most likely be bigger consequences for the suspects. It will also start an debate on whether pit bulls should be illegal in the whole state. This will probably open up some old wounds for allot of people in who have owned or own pit bulls in Colorado.

Thursday, October 22, 2009


The article 20/20 Vision by Karl Fisch discuss a future filled with technology. The story begins with children starting their 1st year of education in the year 2007. During the next thirteen years, dramatic technological changes take place directly influencing education, politics and world policy.
Arapahoe High School is chronicled throughout the story beginning with the introduction of laptops in the classroom. From there, "The 1oo Dollar Laptop Project" begins to distribute laptops to unprivileged kids across the world. As more and more students acquire laptops, laptops become more than just a luxury, but a school requirement. Teachers begin to use web cams in the class room, so lessons can be documented. From there, companies wanting to be successful, strive for better technology that eventually leads to resolving some of the world problems. Google, the leader in this technology, become more powerful force, buying other companies like Ford and Apple. In turn Google's technology influence the work force by making more efficient computers like the Imagine and the Eyemagine. Another example of thier work force is the G Car, a car that could provide 1200 miles on a single charge.Another example is that google opened Google U a school that had no tuition fee and offered a 9th through 12th grade education. Finally in 2018 President Obama announced that we are no longer dependent on foreign fuels. For the first time the carbon admission levels were lower than the year before.


Tuesday, October 20, 2009


The article Keensberg Sanctuary Hopes to Save Cancun Tigers reveals a last ditch effort to save a group of Siberian tigers living in horrible conditions in Cancun, Mexico. The tigers were originally show animals on display at a restaurant in Cancun. After a devastating hurricane in 2005, the restaurant was in ruins and the tigers were left to live in the remains of the restaurant. Over the years, the tigers living conditions had deteriorated and the life of the tigers are in jeopardy. Animal rights organizations have made several attempts rescue the tigers, but each attempted has been stopped by the Mexican government. Presently, Mexico has no laws protecting endangered animals. Pat Craig, the founder of Keensburg Sanctuary, and his team of lawyers are working with the Mexican government in an effort to obtain the tigers. The government has yet to confirmed a deal and time is running out for the tigers. This is animal cruelty in its worst form The animals conditions should have not gotten this bad. If they were properly cared for this would not need to happen.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


The article Our Goggley Advice to Students by Peter Drucker talks the importance of constant learning will be in our future success. An example of this occured with the engineers at Google. They needed to design a spell check software to work with their search engine. The Google Engineers could have used the same design set up with other search engines. However, they took their design one step futher with creative thinking. Their creative thinking came up with the ability to offer spelling suggestions that are not in the dictionary. Team work also played an important role. Google realized that a well designed solution requires many ideas. This type of of broad thinking is only possible with learning taking place at school but in one's life.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

PLN 13

The article Keyboard vs. Pen By the NSBA talks about how today's generation has adapted to using keyboards instead of pen and paper. A recent study at the University of Washington found that kids write better, longer and at faster pace when using pen.This presents a interesting quandary. The study suggests that the old school method of writing with a pen is still as important as mastering the computer keyboard.

Sunday, October 4, 2009


In the article New York Man Fined $12,090 in Elk Killing talks about a trophy elk killed out of season by a poacher in Glenwood Springs, Colorado. On September 27th, Thomas Post was hunting in Glenwood Springs on private property when he ran across the elk and shot it. It was not yet rifle season, so it was an illegal kill. Mr. Post was charged with Hunting with an Improper License and Unlawful Possession of Wildlife. Poaching, usually done during mating season, is illegal because it interferes with the animal's chance to breed. Hunting is a privilege and can be taken away. Poaching can be stop by reporting illegal hunters and forcing the laws and consequences. This will ensure the welfare of the animals and the recreational sport of hunting.

Thursday, October 1, 2009


In the article Vail Women Fends off Bear With a Pillow by Vail Daily the writer talks about a bear that broke into a women's house in Vail. In the middle of the night, the women awoke to a noise thinking it was her dog. The women rolled over and realized there was a female bear in her bedroom. In a panic the women grabbed a pillow from her bed and threw it at the bear. The women's son was also in the house and he ran to his mother just as the bear attempting to flee. The bear then charged at the son. The son sprinted up the stairs and was able to called police. Later, the local authories found the female bear with her three cubs. Unfortunately, the female bear and one cub was shot because it was considered to be a threat to society.The other two cubs were relocated. This story reminds us that as civilation continues to invade a the habitat of bears the bears will be focred to confront the public in their search for food. Over time bears will eventually lose their fear of humans which is more likely to lead to bear attacks. If we minimize the need for bears to visit urban areas this will practicely resolved the problem. The public must realize the importance of following the rules. Living with wildlife requires everyone to be cautious of the animals and respect the animal's home. If we do this then we wont have to worry about problems about this as much.