Tuesday, May 11, 2010


The article " Bears are out of hibernation in the Vail Area" by the Associated Press, talks about the bears in the Eagle County area are know waking up from hibernation. Many questions are raised to if the bears will have enough food an or it there will be allot of beat run-ins. Bear run-ins are only common when people give the bears a chance at free food. If people eliminate the need for bears to break into homes and trash bins, then less confrontations occur. This time of year bears are trying to eat everything. They will often wonder into the city and go through trash and break into homes. Local officials warn people to lock there houses and not put trash put until the day it is to be picked up. If these precautions are put into place then both bears and humans can live in peace.


Sunday, May 9, 2010


The article "2txt? Or Nt 2txt" by Garrison Keillor, talks about how guys are losing there social skills due to texting and email. The article also states that girls social skills are still thriving with the assistance of email an texting. The reason for this is that girls bring a more warmth and friendly feeling to conversations, while boys are more standoffish. I do not think that this is true because I find have no problems talking to people in person. Being an avid texter I should know.

Today's society depends on verbal communication and to succeed in this world you need to exercise conversations with others. If boys lose their social skills then they will become less attentive in school and that will lead to more boys failing.

This article matters to education because although school is becoming more electronic, you still need good social skills in order to thrive. This article also matters to society because without social skills you cannot meet and have good relationships with people. This is a national problem because other countries do not have the same problem.

The human race has always relied on social interaction and will continue to do so for many years to come. Since we have a while before talking in person will no longer be necessary, men should try putting down the phone and chat to someone in person.



The article "Our Boys Are Falling Behind in Education" by Dottie Lamm, talks about the uprising problem of boys preforming badly in school. The article states that female minds grow verbally faster than boys. They tested this theory in an Aurora school. They separated kindergarten classes into separate gender classes. Both classes preformed equally.Many questions were raised as to if females minds growing faster than males was the cause. I am in a single gender class and I do feel that I do better in that class. I feel that I can be more relaxed and focus more in that class. I feel that the reason why more girls are academically successful is the lack of interest boys illustrate in school. Girl s tend to listen and interact allot more than boys. Another reason is is the boys lack of responding to authority. The article also stated that girls will someday will yield more powerful positions in society. I agree with this because, today women are expanding their horizons and trying to do more things. If women do better than men in school, then I think we could see a more women ran world in the future.