Wednesday, March 31, 2010


The article "Tennessee Truck Driver Leaves Path of Destruction in Longmont" by Vanessa Miller, talks about a truck driver who is believed to have destroyed a neighborhood while driving intoxicated. David Kent allegedly drove is delivery truck through a unique Longmont neighborhood on Saturday, uprooting trees and destroying fences and light poles. He was supposed to be delivering doors from his company in Tennessee to Broomfield. When police confronted him it was obvious that he was high . David Kent was later taken to the hospital after showing signs of mental illness. Driving high, while not as a big problem as driving drunk is still just as dangerous. Many teens throughout the U.S. are caught doing it. It is obviously a problem here in Colorado and can be stopped if more attention is focused on it. This is not yet a local problem but has the potential to become one. Luckily no one was hurt in the incident, but next time it might not turn out as fortunate.

Thursday, March 18, 2010


In our English 9 class laptops are a every day necessity. Using personal computers in class cut down on the need to use paper based materials. Laptops allow me to easily access information on any topic. Using laptops also make any class more interesting and lets students engage in more conversations. Laptops are also a very good organization tool. They eliminate the need for messy binders and backpacks. Advantages like this will have an huge impact on student's grade. Laptops allow me to access my work in class and c always be pretty reliable opposed to backpack. Last, laptops make your work accessible to everyone so instead of just the teacher reviewing your work, you can receive more feedback on your work.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

PLN 17

The article " Bear Poacher Goes to Prison" tells the story of Craig Archer who ilegally killed a black bear last year. Police said that a niehbor called the them and said that they had noticed a blood trail around Archer's house. When police later investigated the home they found the dead bear. Police also found marijuana. When poaching occurs, an animal is killed ilegally. Most poaching is done out of season which makes it illagal. a lot of huntng communities have these problems.This is also a natiobnal problem. This is also a world wide problem because in Africa and India poachers are killing tigers and elephants for their hide and tusks. In conclusion, this problem is a reaocurriong example of how cruel some poeople are, and the neverending battle between poachers and animal supporters.

Sunday, March 7, 2010


The article "Young Bear Rescued in Aspen" by the Denver Post, shares the story of a young black bear that was found on the back side of Aspen Mountain. The bear was proven to be dangerously underweight, weighing just over a third of what he should weigh. A woman brought in the bear to the Aspen Animal Shelter according to ReRe Baker, animal safety officer for Pitkin County.The bear was later taken to the DOW office in Glenwood Springs. This situation matters to wildlife workers because this is the second case of malnourished animals. The other case was about a mountain lion who broke into a house and killed a dog for food. When the animals are malnourished they start to come into contact with humans. This situation also matters to me because ReRe Baker is my aunt. Last this in not yet a world problem but is a community one. Luckily for the bear this situation turned out happy.