Sunday, May 9, 2010


The article "Our Boys Are Falling Behind in Education" by Dottie Lamm, talks about the uprising problem of boys preforming badly in school. The article states that female minds grow verbally faster than boys. They tested this theory in an Aurora school. They separated kindergarten classes into separate gender classes. Both classes preformed equally.Many questions were raised as to if females minds growing faster than males was the cause. I am in a single gender class and I do feel that I do better in that class. I feel that I can be more relaxed and focus more in that class. I feel that the reason why more girls are academically successful is the lack of interest boys illustrate in school. Girl s tend to listen and interact allot more than boys. Another reason is is the boys lack of responding to authority. The article also stated that girls will someday will yield more powerful positions in society. I agree with this because, today women are expanding their horizons and trying to do more things. If women do better than men in school, then I think we could see a more women ran world in the future.

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