Sunday, March 14, 2010

PLN 17

The article " Bear Poacher Goes to Prison" tells the story of Craig Archer who ilegally killed a black bear last year. Police said that a niehbor called the them and said that they had noticed a blood trail around Archer's house. When police later investigated the home they found the dead bear. Police also found marijuana. When poaching occurs, an animal is killed ilegally. Most poaching is done out of season which makes it illagal. a lot of huntng communities have these problems.This is also a natiobnal problem. This is also a world wide problem because in Africa and India poachers are killing tigers and elephants for their hide and tusks. In conclusion, this problem is a reaocurriong example of how cruel some poeople are, and the neverending battle between poachers and animal supporters.

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