Sunday, March 7, 2010


The article "Young Bear Rescued in Aspen" by the Denver Post, shares the story of a young black bear that was found on the back side of Aspen Mountain. The bear was proven to be dangerously underweight, weighing just over a third of what he should weigh. A woman brought in the bear to the Aspen Animal Shelter according to ReRe Baker, animal safety officer for Pitkin County.The bear was later taken to the DOW office in Glenwood Springs. This situation matters to wildlife workers because this is the second case of malnourished animals. The other case was about a mountain lion who broke into a house and killed a dog for food. When the animals are malnourished they start to come into contact with humans. This situation also matters to me because ReRe Baker is my aunt. Last this in not yet a world problem but is a community one. Luckily for the bear this situation turned out happy.

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