Tuesday, April 6, 2010


The article "David Stern's Steroid Testimony" by ESPN, talks about the new rules and punishments of steroid use in the NBA. These rules and punishments will be put into affect on June 30th. This will make it so steroid users would get 3 warning before being punished. At the first warning players must sit out 10 games out of an 82 game season. A second offense would result in the player having to miss 25 games. Last, a third offense would result in the player being disqualified from the NBA. Many people think that the use of steroids is immoral and cheap. I agree with the people that share that opinion. These rules are helping to prevent an uprising problem. Although we can't do anything about steroid use in the world, for example the Olympics. We can stop the use of it in our country. If this immoral quagmire is not addressed then more high school students will be influenced by the pros and become users. The use of steroids should be handled in such way as drunk driving and narcotics. If it is then it would help getting rid of steroids for good.


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