Wednesday, September 16, 2009


In the article Two Bear Cubs Wait For Momma In Bolder Backyard Tree by Laure Snider talks about a female bear and her cubs finding there way into a urban neighborhood. The bears first were seen in a Boulder backyard, climbing a large cottonwood tree. The bears roamed around the area climbing into different trees. Since it was too dangerous to tranquilize the bears, local authorities could only hope that the bears would leave by themselves. This is a very dangerous problem to both the animals and humans because once bears start to visit the city, they realize that there is more food. Despite warnings, people will often leave food outside for the bears. When this happens the bears no longer fear humans and bear attacks are more likely to happen. Once a bear attacks, the bear must be euthanized. To ensure the safety of the people, we need to take these steps. First, we need to secure our garbage so the bears have nothing to eat. Next, we need to make it harder for the bears to enter the city. Last, if you see one of these animals in the city, keep all pets inside and call the authorities. The citizens of Boulder got lucky when the bear saw the humans, they ran away. The bears were still scared of humans. Since the first sighting, the bears have continued to be seen in and around the city. All citizens need to take away the need for the bears to come into the city. If we do these steps then we can enjoy our neighborhoods, and the bears can enjoy theirs.

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