Sunday, September 20, 2009


The video A Vision Of Students Today by Micheal Wesch talks about today's technology and how it effects our life and our educational system. Almost 50 years ago the education system was criticized for its rigid structure and teaching methods. This resulted in the students lacking the ability to think for themselves and unprepared to handle the world's problems. Today, students have the benefit of technology. But has that technology improved their ability to think and resolve problems? It appears students are using today's technology for gains in their personal lives rather than learning. Students bring laptops to class but fail to use them to complete their class work. The average students spend more time on their cell phones and online than studying. As students we are unprepared for college and therefore not prepared for the future. If today's students don't learn how to problem solve and think with their minds then we will be stuck with the same problems for long time. If we teach our students to problem solve then the future will be a better place for everyone.

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