Tuesday, September 15, 2009


The Denver Post article First Equine-Rabies Diagnosed in El Paso County talks about the first horse to get rabies in Colorado in 25 years. It is believed the horse contracted the disease from a rabid skunk. So far this year there have been 6 confirmed cases of rabid skunks. El Paso County has not had a infected animal since 1970. This is a potenial problem to all domestic animals because once an animal is infected with rabies, it is fatal. The Colorado Health Department is concerned that rabies may be making a comeback in Colorado. Bats are the number 1 carrier of rabies in Colorado, with 60 confirmed cases a year. We need to watch our contact with wild animals. We can prevent rabies by getting our domestic animals vaccinated and to limit contact with wild animals as it is difficult to tell which animals have the disease. If the necessary steps are taken, we can ensure that our domestic and well loved animals will be safe from this deadly disease.

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