Thursday, November 5, 2009


The article Rigor Redefined Tony Wagner talks about his journey trying to find what business look for when they hire employees. He explained that today's students need to know seven crucial survival rules. First the students need to now how to problem solve. That way they can make solve there companies problems and improve its products. A student should always be able to ask good and appropriate questions. Next Mr. Wagner said that students need leadership and team work skills. The CEO of Siemens told us that teamwork is no longer about working well with the people in your building, but works well with every one across the world. Next Mr. Wagner explained that students need is adaptability. He explained that allot of today's jobs will not exist in the future so students need to be able to adapt to the newer jobs. The next skill is the skill is initiative entrepanuearism. This means that you always try to fix the problem, even though it might be very difficult. Next h said that students need to be good communicators both orally and by writing. This sates that students need to be able to communicate the information that the get. Students should also be able to analyze the information. Now days employees need to be able to manage and process allot information, so this skill is critical to jobs in the future. The last step is for students to be creative and use there imagination. People who learn to ask good appropriate questions have succeeded in today's society. Schools every wear are trying to teach these steps. In order to make our future great, students need to be able to grasp and excel at these steps. Students with these skills will be successful in the future.

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  1. In my opinion, these skills are great for every day occurences. Problem solving skills, leadership and teamwork, adaptability, etc. are skills that can be used, not only for jobs, but all around. They're great while you're going to school, and even if you're simply just hanging out with friends if you think about it! If someone can adapt these skills, they have a better chance of succeeding in all aspects of their life. That's my opinion, but what's your input?