Sunday, November 1, 2009


The article Boulder High Schoolers Mix it Up over Marijuana Deal Gone Bad tells the story of some Boulder High School students attempting to make a deal to sell marijuana. It started on Saturday when the dealers arranged to meet the students in the parking lot of Monarch High School. During the drug deal, the dealers put one of the students in a choke hold demanding money. The dealer released his choke hold once he received the money from the students. On the following Tuesday at the high school, the students who purchased the marijuana confronted the dealers demanding their money back or they would go to the police. This lead to a physical fight breaking out between the two groups. The Louisville police and Sheriff deputies responded. After the police investigation, the dealers were charged with 2nd Degree Kidnapping, Robbery and 3rd Degree Assault. If this inst an example of why you should say no to drugs that I don't know what is. These people put themselves in harms way just to get high. That's the stupidity of some people.

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  1. I agree with you. Drugs aren't worth your personal safety. Many times drug dealers are tough characters and often carry weapons. A lot of them will go to any length to receive their money. The kids who buy these drugs, whether it's marijuana or any other kind, are putting themselves in harm as soon as they come in contact with the dealers. I've never been involved in drug scene, nor do I ever plan on getting involved. It hurts to sit back and look at all of the young students who risk their health and safety. Why do you think students and even adults get involved with the drug scene? How can parents, teachers, and friends try to prevent this from happening to the people they care about?