Sunday, November 15, 2009


The article Lit Cigarette Sparked Centennial House Fire tells the story of a family who's home was damaged during a fire on Wednesday. The family was having their home worked on by contractors when one of the workers did not properly distinquish his lit cigarette. The worker threw his cigarette in the rain gutter. Later, a gust of wind carried the lit cigerette up to the shake shingle roof. Most of the roof and attic were destroyed, as the fire fighters had to tear down dry wall in order to distinquished the fire. Fire fighters believe it will cost $115,000 in order to repair the fire damage, and take months before the family can safely move back into their home. For now, the Red Cross has found the family of five and their two dogs temporary housing. This is just another cruel example of how cigarettes can be extremely dangerous, especially if not distinguished in the right manner. This is only one of many fires caused by cigarettes every year in Colorado.

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