Tuesday, January 26, 2010


The article Health care: Patients Perspective, compares the situations of both American and European families. This article tells the story of Megan, a five year old girl from Virginia who suffers from asthma. The story also talks about Alex, a nine year old boy from Lithuania. Megan's dad is currently a being provided with health insurance through his work," A lot of her expenses aren't planned expenses, I mean there are times when she does have to go to the hospital that we have to worry about were that's going to come from." This is a another American family that is provided with health care and is still struggling to cover the medical bills. On one hand Alex doesn't have to worry about health care because in Lithuania health care is is free at the point of use and is paid through taxation. Patients are often treated with medicine prior to becoming ill. It becomes clear that the U.S has some major health care issues. If Megan's dad was not provided with health insurance through work than Megan would not get the treatment that is necessary for asthma patients to receive. Alex on the other hand would be provided with the medicine for free and immediately.


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