Sunday, January 31, 2010


The article "Last 2 of 9 Crips Sentenced for Holly Fire", talks about the last two sentences of the men that burned down Holly Shopping Center. The incident happened in May 2008 after a fight over territory with the rival gang Bloods. All of the men were reportedly belonging to the Crips Gang. The men that participated in the crime were sentenced with 10 years in prison or a 1.98 million restitution payment. This is well forgotten reminder that you cannot go anywhere with out the influence of gangs. Incidents like this can lead to gang wars and that's when fatalities occur. With this, many people wonder about their safety in public and how well safety officials are doing their jobs. Examples of this is are police and gang units doing a good enough job on cracking down on gang activity. Fortunately, no one was hurt in this accident but there was about 2 million dollars in damage. Shopping centers are popular places for Americans to hang out, but have all the necessary steps been taken in order to protect the community.

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