Sunday, January 24, 2010


The blog " Dr. Warschauer Visits East and Hopkins" by Dan Mass, discusses the question are computers a waste of time and money for schools. I am currently a Freshmen at Arapahoe High School, and presently taking an all laptop English class. In this class, laptop computers are provided and used on a daily basis. Computers are not a waste of time and money. When schools have computers, it provides students the opportunity to access computers when that luxury cannot be afforded at home. The future requires us to use computers more and more. If we cannot learn with tools we will need later in life, we will fall behind. Computers also eliminate the need for books and hard copies of information. Instead of carrying a backpack full of notebooks and other academic supplies, we can store and carry all of our information and documents on a laptop. This is an more efficient method of researching and exploring. In conclusion, computers are going to be around for a while so we need to keep spending money on computers in order to teach kids to use them properly.

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