Monday, February 8, 2010


The article " CSU Student Killed on Tracks May Have Been Train-hopping" by Howard Pankratz, tells the story of Devon Arnold a 22 year old student from CSU. Devon was found dead along some railroad tracks outside Keenesburg.He first disappeared after attending a Nuggets game. Devon was heavily intoxicated and was asked to leave the Pepsi Center. It was later that he came up dead. Police report that with the nearby railroad yards Devon most likely attempted to jump a train and failed, causing his death. This effects family and students everywhere because all will have to cope with the loss of a friend. It is also impacts society with the new precautions that will come after this. Though it's not a world problem, it is currently a community problem. This is a tragic and heart throbbing accident but thanks to this, new precautions can be in place so that no one else has to go through losing someone.

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