Tuesday, February 16, 2010


The article "Arvada Fire Damages Home, Kills Pets" by the Denver Post, talks about a call that the Arvada fire department responded to today. The event occured at aproximetly 1 p.m. at the house of 8042 Lee Court. The fire was not servere but, did cause some damage. The unfortunate ending of this story is that 2 dogs and a cat died in the blaze. Although the incident had an unforunate ending, it illustrates the quick resonses of our firemen. The Arvada fire dept. resonded to the call at 1 and had the fire out a 1:25. For many people they brings a breath of relief. They no the if this domestic problem happens the fire department will resond right away. This also lets facilities like schools and buisness relax because they are in good hands. With aresen becoming more of an issue fire departments have obviously have cracked down in order to elimanate this quandary

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