Tuesday, February 2, 2010


The article "Teen Killed in Crash with School Bus in Greeley" by Howard Pankratz, talks about a car accident involving a Greeley school bus and 4 Northridge High school students. The accident occurred at about 7:45 this mourning. The accident involved Karla Mondoza-Gnzalez, her three friends,and 12 students that were riding in the school bus. Reporters say that the car that the car was trying to turn left when the bus broadsided them. A result in this was Karla's death and her three friends were injured. Fortunately no one in the bus was hurt. This awakes many concerns of parents who's kids ride school buses to school everyday. Is public education transportation safe? With this incident, people question whether the students and the community are safe. The reason for the accident is unknown, but being investigated. Although this is not a worldwide problem, this is definitely a local dilemma This accident is really special in the fact that only one person died. Next time it might not turn out so propitious.

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