Thursday, October 1, 2009


In the article Vail Women Fends off Bear With a Pillow by Vail Daily the writer talks about a bear that broke into a women's house in Vail. In the middle of the night, the women awoke to a noise thinking it was her dog. The women rolled over and realized there was a female bear in her bedroom. In a panic the women grabbed a pillow from her bed and threw it at the bear. The women's son was also in the house and he ran to his mother just as the bear attempting to flee. The bear then charged at the son. The son sprinted up the stairs and was able to called police. Later, the local authories found the female bear with her three cubs. Unfortunately, the female bear and one cub was shot because it was considered to be a threat to society.The other two cubs were relocated. This story reminds us that as civilation continues to invade a the habitat of bears the bears will be focred to confront the public in their search for food. Over time bears will eventually lose their fear of humans which is more likely to lead to bear attacks. If we minimize the need for bears to visit urban areas this will practicely resolved the problem. The public must realize the importance of following the rules. Living with wildlife requires everyone to be cautious of the animals and respect the animal's home. If we do this then we wont have to worry about problems about this as much.

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