Tuesday, October 27, 2009


The article Hungary Dog Finds Hunters tells the story of 3 hunters that were elk hunting in White River National Forest and how they found a mother dog and her 6 pups. The hunters were eating dinner when they heard a dog barking. They assumed it was just some other hunters with dogs. Later that night the dog came into there camp sight looking for food. They gave her some food and then she ran back into the woods. Since they were a long way form any homes and roads they thought that the dog was abandoned. The mother dog returned to the camp the next night. They followed her into the woods where she lead them to her den. Inside the den was 6 puppies. The hunters immediately took the dogs home. They later found out that they saved the dogs just in time. While the puppies were healthy the mother dog aka Remi was starved and very dehydrated. Since the mother dog was found in the wild they cannot determine if it was abandoned or if it was born a stray. This story shows us that anything can happen and that even in this world today there are still animals that are in neglect.

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  1. Great post. It was very interesting how they found the dogs and took them home. Yes it's unfortunate that animals are still neglected and abandoned. What suggestion could you make that we help limit these acts?