Tuesday, October 20, 2009


The article Keensberg Sanctuary Hopes to Save Cancun Tigers reveals a last ditch effort to save a group of Siberian tigers living in horrible conditions in Cancun, Mexico. The tigers were originally show animals on display at a restaurant in Cancun. After a devastating hurricane in 2005, the restaurant was in ruins and the tigers were left to live in the remains of the restaurant. Over the years, the tigers living conditions had deteriorated and the life of the tigers are in jeopardy. Animal rights organizations have made several attempts rescue the tigers, but each attempted has been stopped by the Mexican government. Presently, Mexico has no laws protecting endangered animals. Pat Craig, the founder of Keensburg Sanctuary, and his team of lawyers are working with the Mexican government in an effort to obtain the tigers. The government has yet to confirmed a deal and time is running out for the tigers. This is animal cruelty in its worst form The animals conditions should have not gotten this bad. If they were properly cared for this would not need to happen.

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  1. Yes for sure. It's unfortunate that Mexico as no laws protecting endangered animals. How very anti life don't you think? We can only hope that they will come to an understanding of what needs to be done. As you said, this should never have gotten to this stage. Very informative post Jackson.