Thursday, October 22, 2009


The article 20/20 Vision by Karl Fisch discuss a future filled with technology. The story begins with children starting their 1st year of education in the year 2007. During the next thirteen years, dramatic technological changes take place directly influencing education, politics and world policy.
Arapahoe High School is chronicled throughout the story beginning with the introduction of laptops in the classroom. From there, "The 1oo Dollar Laptop Project" begins to distribute laptops to unprivileged kids across the world. As more and more students acquire laptops, laptops become more than just a luxury, but a school requirement. Teachers begin to use web cams in the class room, so lessons can be documented. From there, companies wanting to be successful, strive for better technology that eventually leads to resolving some of the world problems. Google, the leader in this technology, become more powerful force, buying other companies like Ford and Apple. In turn Google's technology influence the work force by making more efficient computers like the Imagine and the Eyemagine. Another example of thier work force is the G Car, a car that could provide 1200 miles on a single charge.Another example is that google opened Google U a school that had no tuition fee and offered a 9th through 12th grade education. Finally in 2018 President Obama announced that we are no longer dependent on foreign fuels. For the first time the carbon admission levels were lower than the year before.


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  1. How do you think all of these changes are affecting society as a whole? Are all of these a good thing? Or is there a downfall to all of this technology?